At Interim Escrow we provide you with Unparalleled escrow services to the real estate and mortgage industry. You can count on Interim Escrow to provide a consistent level of service that is always accurate, timely, and impartial. Our escrow professionals have the experience and expertise to address specific industry demands as well as the Interim Escrow has met the stringent requirements of the California Department of Corporations (License No. 9632154) and maintains the highest professional standards in escrow services.

I have been involved with the processing of loans at Reverse Mortgage Lending, Inc. for the past five years. I recently began working with Interim Escrow Inc., and have been very pleased with that decision. It's a pleasure to work with a company that has a team which is not only friendly and helpful, but who also has an extensive knowledge of Title, Escrow and most importantly to me, the Reverse Mortgage Business. Your personnel are always willing to go that extra mile for our company and our clients, and we appreciate it. I look forward to closing many Reverse Mortgages with Interim Escrow. Thank You - Jodi Welter Reverse Lending Inc.

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on all of our escrows. I really appreciate your proactive efforts managing the escrow process from demands, certs and docs to signing, funding and closing. I also appreciate your quick response to last minute lender condition changes. We try to deliver exceptional service to our clients, it's clear that you do too. In fact, I've come to regard Interim Escrow as an extension of my business...and as an entrepreneur; I appreciate Interim Escrow's commitment and dedication to servicing their customers, which in turn has contributed to my company's success. Interim Escrow is by far the most consistent, proactive and professional escrow service experience I've enjoyed in my 16 year career."

G. David Lapin CEO, Founder Hanover Mortgage Company
What is a Reverse Mortgage?
A Reverse Mortgage is a national program which typically is offered to homeowners 62 years and older which allows the homeowner access to their equity in the form of cash, monthly income to the homeowner, or a combination of both with the homeowner never making another loan payment for life. The money the homeowner receives is usually tax-free and does not affect Social Security benefits or Medicare (check with your financial advisor for your circumstances). Feel free to access the Reverse Mortgage Calculator to see how much you may qualify for. There are very minimal credit requirements and no income requirements to qualify, borrowers can even be in foreclosure and still obtain a reverse mortgage. You retain the same ownership and title that you have today. The Reverse Mortgage Lender puts a lien on the property just as they would with a regular forward mortgage which is paid off when you sell your property, or when you pass and your heirs inherit and they can pay off the loan with another loan or other funds.